Domain industry has a unique new service available
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Domain industry has a unique new service available
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Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook
Dot Advice was created by Phil Buckingham (

Involvement within the ICANN/ DNS Industry :

Phil Buckingham has been involved in the domain name system (DNS) from the start in 1994 @ Netnames , based in London.

He was Chief Financial Officer (CFO)of Netnames International Ltd. Netnames was the first to sell global domain name portfolios to multinationals . Today Netnames is the fifth largest domain name registrar company in the world and still retains one quarter of the FTSE as clients.
He played a key part in a merger with Netbenefit to float the combined group, via an IPO , on the full list of the London Stock Exchange in 2000. Group NBT is currently listed on AIM.
He was involved in the creation of Nominet , UK registry in 1996 and the formation of ICANN in 1998.
He has taken a very active part in ICANN's policy development process re the introduction of new gTLDs . As a member of the Vertical Integration Working Group ( VI WG PDP) he was a proponent of the Free Trade model to allow the full Vertical Integration of the domain name market which was approved by the ICANN Board in November 2010. This followed 12 years of a Vertically Separated market. This will have major business implication for any new gTLD applicant.
He also advised ICANN in defining the financial evaluation criteria and process for the new gTLD Program which formed the basis of Module 2 of the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook. He is likely to be a Financial Evaluator of the applications submitted to ICANN ,but signed a code of conduct with ICANN , allowing him to advise any applicant of the financial issue facing them in the application process.He would be precluded from evaluating that applicant's application.
Involvement outside of ICANN/ DNS Industry :
  • He has over 25 years experience as a FC or CFO in the start up , financing , developing of SME s
  • He was an auditor in a City firm of chartered accountants .
  • He has for the past 8 years,been a director of his own company,advising SMEs on all aspects of financial management and tax .
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