Domain industry has a unique new service available
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Domain industry has a unique new service available
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Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook
ICANN Final Proposed Applicant Guidebook is now on Version 5 , developed over a number of years through its bottom up , multistakeholder model .It is indeed complex.

Each potential new gTLD application is faced with a complex process with stringent financial ,technical and operational requirements for assessment by independent evaluators .

Each potential application is a start up business , since it is unlikely that running a gTLD registry is its core business and would not have the required skills in house . Therefore each applicant needs to put forward a business case .

Dot Advice considers that each potential applicant is faced with four phases in the process

Dot Advice can provide the following consultancy services to advise applicants through the four phases

Pre Application:
  • Feasibility Study
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Economic Analysis
  • Company Registrations
  • Corporate structures with affiliate ( registrars) companies
Financial & Operational Application Requirements
  • Revenue projections
  • Renewal run rate analysis
  • Margin Analysis
  • Cashflow forecasting & Budgeting
  • Detailed costing analysis
  • Contingency Planning
  • Tax Planning
Financial & Operational Readiness
  • Systems Integration between front( Registry Service Providers) and back office ( Financial / Administration)
  • Financially Complaint re audit requirements
  • Technically compliant re stability and security of the Internet
  • Resource Planning
Business Planning,Modelling , Marketing Strategy/b>
  • Aunique selling point
  • A Competitive advantage
  • A Clearly defined market place and pricing structure
  • A Pricing Strategy
  • A Product Mix
Dot Advice Ltd would coordinate all the parts of the evaluation process into a sustainable business plan that would pass all stages of the Initial and Extended Evaluation .
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